Physical Facilities

  Nursing School
classcheck  Classrooms – 3
check  Lab
check  Library
check  Principal’s Office
check  Teachers Office

diningcheck  Administration Office
check  Multipurpose Hall
check  Toilets
 Smt. Kundangauri M. Sanghvi Ladies Hostel
check  4 students in one room of area
check  Wardens Office
check  Recreation room
check  Dinning Hall
check  Hot / Cold water supply
check  Toilets / Bathrooms
check  Gym
check  Equipments – sports equipments, Gym equipments, TV, DVD player, well equipped library

Nursing School Committee

To look after nursing school a separate nursing committee has been formed by the foundation under the Chairmanship of Mrs. Meena Shah. It assist the principal of the nursing school, warden of the hostel in the management and various related issues and is responsible to the Board of Trustees.
check Mrs. Meena Shah
check Lion Madanbhai Sura
check Shri Vivek Sura
check Dr. Prakash Shah
check Mrs. Kailas Patel
check Sister Mrs. Sumati Kalanke

Clinical Facilities (Hospitals)

 Experience & training in deliveries, etc.
dummy dollcheck Primary Health Centre, Khanapur, Tal. Haveli
Letter no. 352/1/2002 dated 15/1/2002
check  Urban health Centre, Bhavani Peth, Pune

 Further training in Gynaecology & Obstetrics.
check Kamala Nehru Hospital (PMC), Pune
check Sonawane Hospital (PMC), Pune